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We have classes for everyone. We help relieve muscle tension and stress with Restorative Yoga, build strength, flexibility and mindfulness with our All Levels Flow. We have Yin Yang Yoga for holding poses and dynamic movements. All these classes provide the benefits of yoga and help nourish the body and mind.

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Our Yoga Classes
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Experience Yoga

Yoga can help increase your flexibility, strength, stamina, balance, and reduce joint pain. It can help decrease stress, increase body awareness, help you sleep better, and relax. Do our 5 minute stress relief.

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“Nick is such a beautiful soul. His presence and aura are radiating. I can’t recall the last time I relaxed so well and just melted into the moment.” – An Will via Facebook

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Ohana Yoga has built relationships with many venues in Jacksonville, NC. Come to a class in different environments and place, for one of a kind experiences. We have events like Bonfire Yoga, Namaste and Wine, Namaste and Brunch and Beer Yoga.

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Amazing Events

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